Monday, September 10, 2007

Adding themes

Themes is a great new feature in Imovie, it lets you give your movie a beautiful and professional style.
1. Go to the themes tab
2. Chose a theme
3. Drag the clips into the drop zone and write the titles
4. Once done, hit apply, be patient, rendering (red progress bar) takes a while to complete
here is a little video to show you what you can do with themes


BHW said...

I'm having trouble getting my video to play in the drop zones. I've editted the original clips quite a bit, and iMovie 6 seems to want to play the original clips in the dropzones - not the modified ones. Even after splitting a clip so that it begins just where I want it to, imovie will still play the original clip in the dropzone. Very frustrating. Any ideas?

Imovie help Admin said...

A little way to go around this.
After you have modified the clip, export it
(share, make it full quality). Once this is done drag the clip that you just made into the drop zone

Anonymous said...

how do i change the title from title 1 on my theme???????
HELP ME!!!!!!!

Quentin said...

all you have to do is click or double click on the title while in the theme.

Dianna said...

Is there anywhere that I can download new themes for imovie HD (not version 6) such as one that would be appropriate for a wedding slide show?

Anonymous said...

AAARRRGH! Help me! I keep adding the pictures to the drop zones, then hit 'apply' (like you said), but the pictures just seem to go in the actual movie, not in the imae area of the 'theme'. What should I do?

Anonymous said...

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