Monday, September 17, 2007


1. Getting Started
1.1 Importing clips from a camera
1.2 Importing clips from files

2. Basic Editing
2.1 Cutting clips
2.2 Adding effects and transitions and titles
2.3 Adding themes
2.4 Editing tips

3. Intermediate/advanced video editing
3.1 Adding chapter markers
3.2 Dubbing over a clip

4. Sharing clips
4.1 Different file types explained
4.2 Putting videos on Youtube

5. Effects
5.1 All Imovie effects in one video
5.2 The photograph effect

6. Other
6.1 Free and paying plugins
6.2 Article request and questions


algmartins said...

Hello! Thank you for this blog, it's very useful. I have a question: I have this video that has background noise and voice over narration. How can I delete the narration and keep the background noise? Imovie only recognizes one audio track, but in FCP or Premiere I get access to 2 audio tracks (background noise AND narration). Thank you!

Imovie help Admin said...

Well the simple way to do this, would be to open just that clip in final cut pro, then you delete the narration there, then export the clip as a quicktime file, follow by importing this into imovie
hope it helps

algmartins said...

Great! It worked very well. Thank you very much!

marcos alvin said...

hey my name's marcos and i need your help! you seem to know a lot about imovie and mac in general so please e-mail me:

thank you!

digital cameras said...

really it works and very comfortable to edit...

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