Saturday, September 8, 2007

Importing clips from a camera

first things first, after having finished filming that home video you need to import the video.
1. rewind the camera to the first clip you want to capture
2. Normally, the button should switch from the 
right to the left (see image). If not, move it manually.

3. An import clips button should be there, click on it and just sit back, relax and watch your clips. When you have reached the end of what you wanted to import, hit the "stop" button (in between the play and previous button on the picture)

4. You may now disconnect your camera, your clips are now imported!


Matthew said...


Just picking up on this point about getting started with iMovie HD...

Simplifying the process of making your movie with iMovie HD, would be to select which parts of your home movie you would actually like to cut together, rather than having to import everything, and sort within the editing tool itself.

A home movie, after all, is never shot to specification, and contains hours of footage you won't want to watch. We've developed an application with Apple called YourView which has got this in mind.

YourView lets you tag your video using icons that you can create yourself, selecting the clips within your video file you want to actually edit in iMovie, filter to locate and preview the clips, edit and then export straight into iMovie HD. Its a much slicker import into iMovie, and makes the process much less laborious.

Have a look at what it can do at, and let mw know if I can sort any free licenses out for you and some of your readers...

I'd be really interested to hear you and your readers thoughts!

Great blog, keep it up


Imovie help Admin said...

i have checked out your program and for now, love it!
i will definitely make a post about it once i explore the program more.
Personally, i love the idea, its like final cut but much easier and a better way to organize clips.
Great job!

Matt said...


Glad you like it! I'll get you an extended license sent out to let you explore a bit more...we've got a couple of really cool features in the pipeline for the YouTube users as well that we are looking to get up very soon as well, so I'll keep you posted!

If you've got any questions, just drop me a line here


Anonymous said...

Hi guys and girls,

Can anyone point me in the right direction when it comes to importing HDD into iMovie HD?
My miniDV camera imports without any problems, but my new HDD camera isn't recognised by iMovie HD. I'm led to believe this is a USB as opposed to firewire issue.
Is there an upgrade available or on the way to allow to import HDD?
I'm avoiding iMovie 08 if I can (way too simplistic) - or is Final Cut Express an option?
I'd love to be able to keep using iMovie HD if I can.
Please help!

Warren, Sydney, Australia.

Anonymous said...

ive just got a new hdd camera and imovie wont recognize it. even though i read plenty of reviews before buying it, now ive found that if its usb then its not compatible. does anyone know a converter or any way that will get it in there cos i realy like using imovie. thanx

Quentin said...

well you probably need a firewire cable, your camera should have a port for one. To find the right cable go to any computer (radioshack, best buy) store and bring your camera. Ask them for a cable that will end in firewire.
USB is too slow to import it

Anonymous said...

For iMovie '07, can someone tell me how I can sort the library of clips? I had to retrieve all of them from the trash and they came back to the archive out of sequence. Since I didn't yet rename them, they're all called fragment 01, fragment 02 etc. (Fragment, because it's the Dutch version.) But now they're criss cross. How do I sort them alphabetically?

Peter said...

The trouble with the new HD cameras is that they only have USB ports. I have been doing a bit of research to find a suitable replacement for my Mini DV (standard definition) camcorder and on a recent trip to Best Buy, I couldn't find any of the HD camcorders with a firewire port. Unfortunately, the latest version of iMovie has dropped many of the great editing features that previous versions had such as slow / fast / reverse motion. However, even if these were included in iMovie 08, cameras like the Sony HDR-SR10 do not appear to support apple at all. It seems useless to bother with the new and obviously superior HD technology if I'm not able to edit and create movies like I used to.

Peter said...

Correction... There is a page within iMovie 07 (iLife 08) support which lists the supported flash drive / Hard drive camcorders that are supported by the latest version of iMovie. Still, the problem remains that iMovie is less powerful as far as editing tools and tricks than its predecessor. Many are choosing to continue with iMovie 06 specifically for that reason. The work-around appears to be importing the footage into iMovie 7 and then exporting to version 6 to do all the editing. In other words, it's possible, but it's a pain.

Quentin said...

I think there may be a way to get those clips off of imovie 08 and on to HD.
I do not have imovie 08 installed so i would need someone to try this for me.

Import some clips (1 is fine) into imovie 08, then save your project.
Go in the finder, find the project and right click (ctrl + click) and hit show package contents. Look for a folder called media, if there is one check if the clips you imported are there. If they are you can drag em out and import them into imovie 06!

Anonymous said...
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Paul R said...

Hi Anyone,

I just used iMovie to import 3 videos from my camera. Woked great. Then went to import the 4th and no "import" button. Instead it had "Record with iSight". I can't get rid of it.
Tried shutting iMovie down several times and it would come back when I opened the windo again.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Paul R

heyfolks said...

Greetings everyone,

I am having a strange and frustrating problem with importing photos into imovie and placing them into the timeline.

When I import the photo, the software automatically places the photo at the end of the timeline. If I try to move it to the beginning (which is where I want it), it will not go there. When I shove it to the left, the photo bumps up against all my other clips and moves them out of place. If I keep going, it removes the photo clip altogether. There is nothing that I can seem to do to place the photo at the beginning of my almost completed movie.

Please help if you can.

Thanks so much,


Anonymous said...

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