Monday, September 17, 2007

Different file types explained

Once you want to share a video you have to chose a video type, here is a list of the available ones and their pros and cons:

3g: 3g is a phone technology, it is offered by carriers such as At&t, it will be a pretty small file but only recommended for 3g phone users.

Apple TV: Self explanatory, only use this if you have an Apple TV

AVI : This is a Divx file type, it is great because it keeps nice quality while reducing size, to play this with quicktime you need an additional plugin.

BMP: Originally an image type, this option is not recommended for basic users

DV stream: Digital camera's record into DV nowadays, this option will give a big file size for a nice quality

Flash video (FLV): This format is great if you plan to upload to youtube, it does, however, take very long to make the file.

Hinted Movie file: a file ment for quicktime streaming.

Image sequence: As the name states, images one after the other. great for making gifs

Movie to iphone and to ipod are self explanatory.

Mpeg-4: Streaming for quicktime, like a hinted movie file.

Movie to picture is self explanatory

Movie to quicktime movie: Recommended for most users, this makes a .mov file.

To get to the menu, click on share then share again, then click on advanced

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